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Filipino telehealth platform launches healthcare plan for same-sex couples

In June 2024, Philippines-based telehealth provider KonsultaMD launched the Partner Health Plan, a joint healthcare plan open to common-law and same-sex couples. Valid for up to two members — the primary account holder and one dependent — the plan offers a comprehensive package of benefits, including 30 video consultations with a General Practitioner and unlimited 24/7 voice consultations. Users can sign up for the plan via the KonsultaMD app and add their partner as a dependent.

KonsultaMD aims to make healthcare accessible for more Filipinos, an especially urgent mission in a country where the doctor-to-population ratio is 1 to 26,000 (alarmingly below the WHO recommendation of 1 to 1,000). At the same time, most joint healthcare plans only allow members to add legal spouses as dependents, excluding common-law couples from benefits. By opening up the Partner Health Plan, KonsultaMD ensures accessibility for an underserved group.

June is often synonymous with rainbow-washing initiatives from brands looking to capitalize on Pride Month. But genuine brands that steer away from lip service will stand out. How will your Pride Month activation add tangible value to the community you claim to champion?

Spotted by: Acacia Leroy