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Heinz uses hamburger joint reviews to streamline naturalization process for refugees

Heinz, the iconic condiment brand, has launched a new program to assist immigrants in Brazil with the process of becoming naturalized citizens. With Reviews For Naturalization, the brand is inviting customers at burger joints across the country to leave positive reviews about immigrant employees. 

With a record 710,000 refugees from nations like Venezuela, Afghanistan and Ukraine residing in Brazil as of 2024, many have found work in the restaurant industry. However, obtaining letters of recommendation from employers can be challenging for newcomers who lack established professional networks and may struggle with language barriers. Stating that "All are welcome at this table," Heinz's program seeks to transform customer reviews into letters that can be submitted as part of naturalization applications.

The concept emerged from Heinz's existing relationships with burger restaurants, which employ a significant refugee workforce. Patrons are encouraged to leave reviews focusing on individual immigrant staff members' service and work ethic. A glowing review about a "friendly server from Haiti" or a "diligent line cook from Syria" could help that employee demonstrate valuable skills and community integration to immigration authorities, potentially cutting bureaucracy time by half.

Reviews For Naturalization — developed with creative agency Africa and two years in the making — positions Heinz as a brand committed to hospitality for all, regardless of background or circumstance. As displaced people frequently face hostility and barriers, how could your brand aid them with similarly practical tools? Like Heinz, could you involve your customers in reinforcing an ethos of community and support?

Spotted by: Mihaela Tantas