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Helmets with tragic histories encourage Thai motorcyclists to adopt safer practices

In April 2024, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation launched the Second Life Helmet campaign to enhance motorcycle safety awareness. New motorcycle buyers at 32 participating shops received a helmet accompanied by a poignant reminder — a sticker narrating the story of the previous owner, who passed away in a fatal accident. The helmets weren't involved in crashes because the drivers weren't wearing them. Donated by the families of deceased riders, the protective headgear is meant to encourage consistent use among motorcyclists.

In Thailand, around 12,000 people die in crashes each year, with nearly three-quarters of those fatalities involving riders of motorbikes and motorcycles. Just 45 percent of Thai motorcyclists wear helmets, a figure experts describe as unacceptably low given the outsize risk of severe head injuries that even low-speed crashes can bring. Many Thais forgo protection for short rides, but safety advocates counter that fatalities can occur regardless of trip length, lending urgency to campaigns promoting helmet use.

Spotted by: Acacia Leroy