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LG introduces AI-powered ‘Menopause Mode’ to provide relief from hot flashes

For the Brazilian market, LG Electronics has unveiled a new technology that combines artificial intelligence with air conditioning to provide relief for (peri)menopausal people experiencing night sweats and hot flashes. Menopause Mode, which is currently in beta phase, uses a smartwatch app to monitor body temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen levels, identifying hot flashes throughout the night. When the app identifies a hot flash, it sends a command to a connected LG Dual Inverter +AI air conditioner to quickly lower the room’s temperature. After cooling for 10 minutes, the air conditioner returns to its original setting.

An estimated 29 million women in Brazil, representing 7.9% of the country’s female population, are in perimenopause, the period leading up to menopause, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. One-third of these women will experience moderate to severe hot flashes, which can disrupt their sleep and significantly impact their wellbeing. As natural and inevitable as it is, menopause remains a taboo topic in Brazil and most other countries. LG’s initiative aims to break the silence by sparking conversations, while offering a practical fix for one of menopause’s most bothersome symptoms.

Menopause Mode, developed by São Paulo-based creative agency AlmapBBDO, underscores the potential for smart home technology to address the unique health needs of specific demographics. By leveraging data from wearable devices and integrating it with home appliances, companies like LG are paving the way for more personalized, adaptive solutions that cater to the challenges of different stages of life.