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Library uses ChatGPT to turn popular books into choose-your-own-adventure games

Created by the National Library Board of Singapore, NLB Playbrary transforms classic books into interactive adventure games using generative AI. First, readers/players visit the Playbrary website, select a book and receive a custom prompt to use with ChatGPT.

Starting with a selected moment in the storyline, players act as the protagonist and choose from three options that shape the plot. ChatGPT responds based on the book's established universe, while users can introduce twists and explore new story elements through their own prompts. Playbrary is available across 1,000 books for ChatGPT Plus users, with a smaller selection available to free users.

Trend bite

Before launching Playbrary, NLB partnered with Uniqlo on a collection based on Singapore Literature titles and invited shoppers to create custom, reading-themed T-shirts. The common thread between these initiatives? NLB is giving younger Singaporeans novel avenues to engage with books beyond the traditional method of… well, actually borrowing a book from the library.

Fueled by their experiences with AI's magic powers of personalization, consumers will expect ever more control over how they engage with brands and consume content. Are you prepared to reinvent your offerings, allowing people to engage with you however they want?

Spotted by: Acacia Leroy