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Newspaper's front page smells of mangoes to welcome peak mango season in India

Grocery delivery platform Swiggy Instamart partnered with daily newspaper The Times of India (TOI) on an olfactory experience to promote India’s peak mango season. On 2 June 2024, the TOI Sunday Times front page featured a vivid, full-page visual of mangoes imbued with the fruit’s fragrance. Readers were invited to ‘read this ad with your nose’ for a complete sensory experience. Approximately 800,000 copies of the special edition were distributed.

On the surface, it's a prime example of multi-sensory marketing. In an increasingly digital world, where AI dominates headlines, physical acts like a mango-scented newspaper still stand out, adding surprise and delight to people's daily lives.

More fundamentally, the campaign taps into a significant cultural moment. Indians are passionate about their mangoes — social media often buzzes with debates about the best varieties. The fruit's limited annual availability also creates a festive feeling around 'mango season.’ Swiggy Instamart effectively inserts itself into consumer conversations through its well-timed ad, building brand affinity and potentially driving conversion.

While holiday marketing — and marketing holidays — are a longstanding practice, could your brand capture consumer attention by leveraging unique cultural moments instead?

Spotted by: Acacia Leroy