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Not just reef-safe, Reef Relief is world's first sunscreen to nourish coral

Chemicals in most sunscreens can kill or bleach coral, even at extremely low concentrations. And an estimated 14,000 tons of sunscreen enter waterways every year. The problem is especially acute in areas with heavy tourism and recreation. While reef-safe sunscreens are slowly gaining market share, a new formulation called Reef Relief goes a step further with ingredients that actively support coral health.

Two years in the making, Reef Relief was developed by global ad agency McCann in partnership with sunscreen brand Stream2Sea. In addition to being reef-safe and protecting humans from UV rays, the product contains 'a unique blend of marine nutrients' that help coral thrive. Six months of testing by Dr Michael Sweet at the University of Derby found that the sunscreen can boost coral growth by up to 8% in some species.

Reef Relief will be available for purchase soon, with a waitlist now open.

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As sustainability becomes a hygiene factor of the 21st century, forward-thinking consumers increasingly feel that just doing less harm is too passive of an approach. Instead, they're seeking out products that actively repair and restore the earth and its creatures. Reef Relief answers that call with its coral-nourishing sunscreen. Other brands: how could you infuse your offerings with healing powers? Just make sure to back up your promises with scientific proof 🤓