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On board fast trains in France, passengers join sports-themed climate workshops

In June 2024, French railway company SNCF hosted special sports-themed editions of its En'Train pour le Climat workshops. These events, which have been held on board TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS trains since 2022, aim to raise awareness about environmental and climate issues. The sports-themed edition taps into the spirit of the Olympic Games. By drawing parallels between athletic excellence and environmental action — resilience, perseverance, teamwork — SNCF aims to turn the climate crisis into challenge that can be tackled.

The workshops, taking the format of a 40-minute team quiz, are held in bar cars and communal spaces on trains. Participants are invited to engage in discussions and meet new fellow passengers while exploring ways to take individual and collective action as part of the climate transition. Workshops were held on 24 long-distance routes. To make the experience even more memorable, eco-forward athletes regularly joined in, too.

Trend bite

While hosting climate workshops on trains reaches an audience likely to be greener than most, resulting ripple effects shouldn't be underestimated. By empowering environmentally-minded individuals with deeper knowledge, brands like SNCF and TGV are creating a legion of climate ambassadors — people who can spark meaningful conversations and inspire action among their social circles, whether reasoning with a cousin or chatting with a tennis buddy.

Many people are eager to make a difference but struggle with knowing where to start or how to maximize their impact. This is where brands can bridge the gap by providing not just information, but also clear, actionable guidance. Those that do so authentically, meeting customers where they are, will forge deeper connections and earn long-term loyalty. Time to hop aboard?!