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On EU election day, Ben & Jerry's will swap Dutch voting pencils for ice cream

From 6–9 June 2024, the tenth European elections will take place in the EU's 27 member states. The previous elections, in 2019, saw electoral turnout increase for the first time since voting began. That was mainly down to a surge in young voters turning up. Still, only 42% of voters 24 and under voted. In the Netherlands, the number was even lower, at 35%.  

Since declining voter participation is a threat to democracy, Ben & Jerry's is stepping in with a sweet reward to entice more young people to vote this year. After casting their ballot on June 6th, Dutch citizens can trade in their red voting pencils for free ice cream. Ben & Jerry's will be swapping pencils for pints at six locations across the country.

Beforehand, people can confirm their intention to vote and Ben & Jerry's will send them a reminder the day before the election. For those unable to secure a red pencil, showing the confirmation email will still earn them free ice cream.