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Peeling labels off Kraft mayonnaise jars reveals what they can be used for next

A Kraft Mayonnaise campaign in Venezuela is encouraging buyers to repurpose its glass jars. Underneath regular labels, Kraft has printed names of items that can be stored in the containers once they've been emptied of mayo. Ten versions are available: for flour, grains, coffee, salt, sugar, pasta, rice, office supplies and an all-purpose 'something delicious.' One even functions as a measuring cup.

While glass can be infinitely recycled without losing quality, global recycling rates are about 20%. The rest ends up in landfills, where it can take a million years to degrade. Kraft's limited edition jars, available across Venezuela until September 2024, could help divert glass from landfills by prompting consumers to find new uses. Response on social media has been notably positive, with many people planning to collect all ten.