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Supporting working moms, AirAsia designs nursing cover for pilot and cabin crew uniforms

New mothers in operational roles within the airline industry face unique challenges related to the nature of their work. One significant example is the lack of time and private space to pump breastmilk during and between flights. As a result, many are forced to take extended unpaid maternity leave or abandon their careers altogether.

Regional carrier AirAsia announced its Moms-on-Duty kit in May 2024 to address the issue. The kit includes a nursing cover to use while on duty, designed to match the airline's uniforms for pilots and cabin crew. Also included is a practical handbook with guidance on navigating parenting-related conversations and accessing essential support. The initiative is part of AirAsia's broader DEI strategy to build a more inclusive work environment for female employees.

Launched close to Mother's Day, the Moms-on-Duty kit stands out among the usual promotions, sentimental ads and #ThankYouMom activations. Adding a nursing cover to crew uniforms demonstrates an understanding of women's lived experiences and delivers a tangible solution to a genuine problem — a meaningful step toward normalizing physical aspects of motherhood and equalizing the playing field for working moms.

Spotted by: Acacia Leroy