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With AI-generated videos, Cadbury’s helps Aussies and Kiwis celebrate sporting volunteers

Cadbury’s Give a Cheer to a Volunteer campaign is harnessing generative AI to celebrate the unsung heroes of community sports in Australia and New Zealand. The chocolate brand, which is celebrating its 200th anniversary and often centers gratitude in its activations, has developed a custom platform that allows Aussies and Kiwis to create personalized, animated tributes to their favorite sporting volunteers. Users simply upload a photo of the volunteer and provide details like gender, age, body type, whether or not they use a wheelchair, name of their club, type of sport, their role and something unique about them. The AI-powered tool then generates a 3D, animated character starring in a shareable video that recognizes their contribution.

The campaign, developed for Mondelēz International by Ogilvy and Wavemaker, provides people with a fun way to express gratitude for the efforts of volunteers. From coaching and refereeing to fundraising and groundskeeping — most local sports teams wouldn’t be able to exist without them (a campaign running in India encourages people to thank their first cricket coach). By combining the novelty of AI with a personal, human-to-human thank you, ‘Give a Cheer to a Volunteer’ is a playful yet meaningful gesture that acknowledges the impact volunteers have on their communities.

Trend bite

Cadbury’s campaign shows how brands can use generative AI to facilitate meaningful human connection and celebration. Rather than replace people’s creativity, the video tool empowers them to express their appreciation in a novel and engaging way. As AI continues to advance, we can expect to see more brands using it to amplify human stories and emotions.

The key will be to strike a balance between the efficiency and scale that AI enables and the irreplaceable warmth and authenticity of social interaction. Campaigns that find this sweet spot will stand out in an increasingly crowded and tech-driven marketing landscape. What untold stories could you help bring to life through the power of technology? By focusing on the human element and using AI as a tool for connection rather than an end in itself, you can create campaigns that not only capture attention but also forge deeper bonds with your audience.

Spotted by: Fransizka Füsting