Joaquim Moody

Trend Analyst

Joaquim is an Amsterdam-based Trend Analyst and Head of tw:in, TrendWatching’s global insight network, where he manages a community of over 900 spotters.

Aside from leading an exciting program of virtual events and research initiatives through tw:in, he also plays an integral role in TrendWatching’s content team – leveraging his interest in finance and cryptocurrency to deliver reports and keynote presentations, both internally and externally.  

Prior to joining TrendWatching, Joaquim worked as a brand strategist at TBWA, helping brands such as McDonald’s and Adidas convey their messages to international audiences. Having studied consumer psychology, first at the University of Amsterdam and later at Leiden University, Joaquim is an expert at decoding cultural signals and translating them into meaningful business insights. Most recently, Joaquim held an innovation workshop for Coca-Cola – helping employees across seven time zones to implement purpose-driven trends.

17 February 2023
M&G Group
2 December 2022
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, United States
19 September 2022
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
16 March 2022
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
7 October 2021
Sofia, Bulgaria
8 June 2021
Tel Aviv, Israel
Webinar + Workshop

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