Five Inspirational Virtual Purpose Tours Taking Place in November

This month, our sister company Business of Purpose is hosting five inspiring Virtual Purpose Tours!

    • November 10th: Meet Florian Kiener, co-founder and CEO of happybrush, a German company who develops modern, sustainable and social oral care products. 
    • November 18th: Meet Raahul Khadaliya, Founder and Creative Director of The Second Life, an Indian-based purpose-driven brand whose mission is to transform discarded materials into new products.
    • November 24th: Meet Silvia Brand, CEO of Atlas of the Future, a bold, independent, nonprofit media organisation who writes about real and innovative worldwide projects that have long-term vision and are committed to lasting positive impact
    • November 26th: Meet Daniel Garavito, CEO and founder of Colombian company EducALL, a service platform that provides education to children who have no access to the Internet and whose educational process was interrupted due to their geographic distance or the ongoing pandemic. (Please note that this VPT will be hosted entirely in Spanish)
    • November 30th: Meet Liz Watts and Nick Fuller, respectively Chief Strategy Officer and President of EVERFI, an international technology company that is driving social change through education to address the most challenging issues of society.

Click here to learn more about the Purpose Tours and join the tours.

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