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From REMIX BRANDS to CRAFTED BY AI, we’ve been updating you on AI x New Consumer Expectations for years now. But things have picked up pace 🙄(understatement of the decade!).

So we’re taking our portfolio of AI x consumer trends and innovations, as well as ideation tools, to the next level - supercharging you to run with mind-boggling AI opportunities:

AI x Consumer Trends 💎 | We’re kicking off our new ‘AI: Shaping New Consumer Realities’ Trend Report with a FREE AI WEBINAR – SIGN UP for May 15 (EMEA/AMERICAS) or May 16 (APAC).

AI x Innovations 🍒 | As it doesn't get juicier than new AI-driven product examples from B2C brands, we'll ramp up AI innovations coverage on our socials (INSTA, X, LIWHATSAPP and TELEGRAM), too

AI x Ideation 👶 | We’re close to launching TRENDBABY, our AI x Trend-Driven Ideation Engine - a baby announcement will pop up in your inbox soon

AI x Pro 🧠 | If you’re already a member of our TREND INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM, you will enjoy exclusive access to even more AI consumer trends, 1,000+ AI innovations, advice from our virtual and (very) human analysts, as well as TRENDBABY PRO.

Not a platform member yet? No worries - secure your FREE 14 DAY TRIAL 👊

AI x Live 🌏 | And to also celebrate human x human, join our TREND EVENTS in Bangkok, Amsterdam or New York  (AI-trends-heavy-program included 😉)

Will there be more? Always. But for now, run with the above, and become an instant AI x Trend-Driven Innovator!

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