Robbie Hodges

Trend Analyst

Robbie is a London-based Trend Analyst with a professional background in journalism and experience working in the travel industry. Aside from heading up TrendWatching’s flagship newsletter, TW Weekly, he is also the editor of TrendWatching Premium’s monthly Snapshot report and plays a key role in our Make→Shift publication. Through our Ask an Analyst platform, he regularly advises clients across the globe on emerging, purpose-driven trends. 

Prior to joining TrendWatching, Robbie worked as an editor – covering travel and lifestyle trends for various newspapers and magazines. His travel writing has been published by The Telegraph, Globetrender and SUITCASE Magazine. Having traveled the world writing about innovative ideas – from snail farms in Peru to ecology initiatives in Sweden – he brings a global perspective and editorial shrewdness to his research as an analyst. 

He has worked on creative projects with the German National Tourist Office, Kiehl’s, IWC, Hult International Business School and with empowerment groups like Everywoman.

24 March 2022
London, England
7 February 2022
Brookfield Properties
New York, United States

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