Thomas Klaffke

Senior Trend Analyst

Having worked across four continents before calling Berlin home, Thomas is all about exploring diverse perspectives and frameworks to create a better world, for all.

After completing a Master’s degree in Future Studies, he worked as a trend and innovation consultant at several companies in Germany and South Africa. Through his work, he’s helped clients such as Adidas, Porsche, Lufthansa, Huawei, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens and the German Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to understand and act on consumer trends in order to create a more sustainable future.

Thomas is responsible for overseeing all of our internal research processes – enabling us to map out the latest meaningful consumer trends and insights from around the world. Aside from writing industry-specific reports and providing strategic advice to TrendWatching clients, he also heads up our sister company Business of Purpose where he manages a community of over 1,000 business professionals from across the globe. 

Thomas recently presented a keynote at the Sustainable Brands Conference in Turkey and was featured in the In Clear Focus podcast.

15 September 2021
Sustainable Brands Turkey 2021

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