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55% of US consumers admit to yelling or cursing at customer service agents

Over 1,000 people in the US were surveyed for the 2024 edition of Shep Hyken's annual customer service report. One dismal finding? Half (51%) would rather dine with their in-laws than call customer support. Is that evidence of a growing love for in-laws or a frustration with service experiences? Either way, there's no justification for yelling (34%) or cursing (21%) at agents.

It’s not just Americans that are adopting Karen-like behavior. Australians and Brits are, too. All of which points to an empathy gap, one that could further widen as the visceral reporting of global conflicts drives up compassion fatigue.

Time to remind all stakeholders of their social graces and prod them to practice kindness. Beyond the positive ripple effect on customer and employee loyalty and satisfaction, kind gestures can also alleviate anxiety and depression.