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56 companies cause 50% of the world’s plastic pollution, with five responsible for 24%

Even if your products don't include 🥤👗🧴 and your brand isn't one of the top polluters like The Coca-Cola Company (11%), PepsiCo (5%) and Nestlé (3%), keep reading anyway... 🤓

Historically, the burden of dealing with plastic waste and pollution has been unfairly placed on consumers. But, as young and old alike grow increasingly skeptical of climate actions, their call for robust regulations is intensifying. Enter the UN global plastic treaty, slated to be nailed down by late 2024. This pact will mandate action across the entire lifecycle of plastics, from extraction of fossil fuels to end-of-use disposal.

Instead of waiting for nations to agree on how to tackle plastic pollution, start scrutinizing your products and packaging today. How could your brand ditch single-use and reimagine long-lived plastics?