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As AI visuals explode, three in four consumers globally are unsure images are real

While AI image generation tools offer vast and exciting possibilities, the shadows of deepfakes, opacity and bias also loom large. As the line between real and artificial blurs, consumers demand authenticity and transparency. Nearly nine in ten agree with the statement "It's important that an image is authentic," and 78% affirm that "It's getting to the point where I can't tell if an image is real."

Those numbers are from a new report by Getty Images, Building Trust in the Age of AI. Getty summarizes its findings as follows:

  • People don't want to feel that they have been fooled or lied to — 98% of consumers agree that 'authentic' images and videos are pivotal in establishing trust
  • Industries with high levels of consumer trust such as healthcare/pharmaceuticals, financial services, and travel are increasingly expected to be transparent
  • People feel less favorably towards brands that are using AI generated visuals to create people or products

Considering initiatives like Snapchat's AI labels and OpenAI working on detection tools for images created with DALL-E, what's your 360° strategy for AI transparency?