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Global workforce: 15% disengaged and 62% not engaged

Remember quiet quitting? 😶 It’s still very much a reality. Gallup's State of the Global Workplace: 2024 Report reveals that 15% of the global workforce is 'actively disengaged,' defined as actively opposing an employer's goals. Additionally, 62% is simply not engaged. According to Gallup's estimates, low engagement has a global economic cost of USD 8.9 trillion, or 9% of global GDP.

The report uncovers factors that contribute to workers not feeling enthusiastic or involved:

  • Loneliness: 20% of employees experience daily loneliness, rising to 22% among those under 35 and to 25% among fully remote workers.
  • Job hunting: 52% of global workers are watching for or actively seeking new job opportunities.
  • Stress: 41% of employees report high stress levels, and the percentage is higher for those in poorly managed companies (60%).

Signaling a path towards higher engagement is Gallup's finding that 70% of variance in team engagement can be attributed to the manager. With resenteeism on the rise, how will you help your managers and employees re-engage and thrive in their roles?

Spotted by: Franziska Füsting