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International Day of Play: 51% of parents increased playtime with their kids

The United Nations designated 11 June 2024, as the first-ever International Day of Play. Underlying the fun and games is a serious purpose — the UN emphasizes the critical need to (re)prioritize the right to play for several reasons:

  • 🧸 Community Building: Play fosters a sense of community and national pride, breaking down cultural and socio-economic barriers.
  • 🎲 Child Development: It enhances resilience, creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • ✌️ Social Harmony: It promotes tolerance, social inclusion and peace building.

According to IKEA’s Play Report 2024, 51% of parents across seven countries now spend more time playing with their children than a few years ago. This is encouraging, especially since over half of kids (51%) and parents (54%) crave more playtime.