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It’s Pride Month — time to celebrate! Or not...?

Brands are becoming hesitant about pride activations. This year, there’s been a noticeable decline in rainbow-colored merchandise and brand logos, as greenhushing appears to have extended to pinkhushing. Just as corporate fear of criticism and backlash saw sustainability claims replaced with silence, the same is now happening with DE&I initiatives. Ipsos Pride Survey 2024 predicts that just 10% of brands across 26 countries will visibly strive for LGBTQ+ equality in 2024.

According to the survey, the percentage of people who say they support brands "actively promoting equality for LGBT people" has declined slightly, with 44% expressing this sentiment in 2024 compared to 49% in 2021.

In light of this sentiment — and with brands including Bud LightNike and Target facing boycotts and backlash for aligning with LGBTQ+ issues — is it time to opt out? No! 🌈 Dive into the full Ipsos report for granular data that can guide your allyship efforts (no paywall or registration), and see the link below for relevant trend insights and innovations.