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Newsletter on resetting screen habits is The Guardian's fastest-growing list ever

Earlier in 2024, The Guardian launched Reclaim your brain, a free email aimed at helping readers spend less time on their phones. The newsletter is a five-week coaching program with evidence-based assignments and readers are coached by science journalist Caroline Phinney, who wrote 'How to Break Up with Your Phone' back in 2018. 

As reported by NiemanLab, "the newsletter quickly garnered 100,000 sign-ups" and became The Guardian's fastest-growing newsletter ever.

Two hours a day spent scrolling through Instagram and TikTok adds up to a whopping 30 days a year. People are increasingly aware of the vast amount of time they dedicate to their screens. As their unease deepens (along with aches in necks and shoulders), many are seeking ways to proactively manage their digital consumption rather than being passively overwhelmed by it.

Brands have countless opportunities to help customers slash their screen time and boost their wellbeing. From making apps less addictive and sending fewer promotional emails, to providing customers with delightful things to get up to IRL. Whose side will you be on...?

Illustration by Guardian Design