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Worldwide, 80% of citizens want stronger action on climate change

The United Nations Development Programme just released its second edition of the Peoples’ Climate Vote survey. Over 73,000 people speaking 87 different languages across 77 countries were asked 15 questions on climate change. Key findings for 2024:

  • Four out of five people worldwide want their governments to take stronger action on climate change, showing overwhelming support for more ambitious climate efforts.
  • The survey found that 86% of respondents want countries to set aside geopolitical differences and collaborate on addressing climate change.
  • Majorities in 20 of the world's largest greenhouse gas-emitting countries, including the US, China and India, support stronger climate action, with percentages ranging from 66% (US and Russia) to 93% (Italy).
  • In five of the main emitters (Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United States), women are more strongly in favor than men of their country strengthening its commitments. The gender gap is largest in Germany.
  • 72% of respondents globally favor a rapid transition away from fossil fuels, including majorities in countries that are among the top 10 producers of oil, coal, or gas.
  • Climate change is impacting people's major life decisions, with 69% of global respondents saying it affects choices like where to live or work, rising to 74% in Least Developed Countries.
  • Over half of those surveyed are more worried about climate change than they were last year.

Representing 87% of the world's population, The People's Climate Vote survey is focused on understanding how people experience the impacts of climate change and how they want their leaders to respond. You can find the full report here.