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Binoculars as the latest guest amenity? IHG's voco hotels offers a birdwatching package

Along with bread-baking and binge-watching, birding surged during pandemic lockdowns. Furthering that collective fascination with feathered friends, voco hotels has introduced a birdwatching package. Available in the US and Singapore, the limited-time offer targets a burgeoning community of avian enthusiasts.

With its 'Find Your Flock' package, IHG Hotels & Resorts-owned voco facilitates guests with branded binoculars, a sachet of bird seed, complimentary breakfast and — naturally — an early bird check-in. Kids are encouraged to join in, too; children's binoculars are available on request. The package is bookable through 15 October 2023, with stays available through 30 October 2023, aligning with the migratory season.


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In the US alone, over 45 million people participate in birdwatching, according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and spend around USD 41 billion on related trips and equipment. While voco's package might pull in a few serious birders, the offering is more likely to appeal to casual birdwatching enthusiasts attracted by the notion of combining their hotel stay with a low-pressure outdoor activity.

There's a wellness angle, too — a study published in 2022 found that participants reported significantly improved mental well-being when seeing or hearing birds. How could your brand incorporate nature to elevate your product or service from a regular experience to a memorable mood-booster?

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