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Blue Bottle Coffee uses 8% less cow's milk by defaulting to oat milk

Two months ago, we featured Blue Bottle's switch to making oat the default milk at a few of its cafes. The coffee chain took that step both because of its own environmental concerns and in response to customer demand. 

Innovation Update

In a recent report on how it's planning to become carbon neutral by 2024, Blue Bottle unveiled the preliminary results of that test trial. After two months, the three California cafes that defaulted to oat milk saw a reduction of 8% in their use of cow's milk. The company explains: "Because our guests at the pilot cafes already ordered more alternative milk than a typical US Blue Bottle cafe, if we expand the pilot, there’s a chance that a larger percentage of guests at other cafes might make the switch to oat milk with the potential to reduce our emissions even more."

In November, after evaluating both this pilot and one in Brooklyn that's preparing its own blend of plant-based milk, Blue Bottle will share what it learned and how it's going to proceed.

Spotted by: Mariia Golub