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Boob sticker campaign calls for an end to judgement and censorship

Inviting women to fully enjoy summer showing as much skin as they please, breast implant manufacturer GC Aesthetics launched a 'More Summer, No More Nonsense' sticker campaign. Since female nipples are (still) banned from Facebook and Instagram, the Irish brand is offering a way to cover up with stickers that send a message both to women and their onlookers: no more body shaming, no more staring, no more judging, no more haters, no more prejudice, no more censorship.

The stickers were designed by Brazilian illustrator Paula Cruz  and are available through Instagram's story GIFs.

Trend Bite

Photographers and selfie-makers have learned to be inventive when it comes to Facebook and Instagram's bans on female nipples, using editing tools to blur them, or hiding them behind emojis, flowers or hair. All in response to a prudishness that aggressively censors female nudity.

As a purveyor of breast implants, GC Aesthetics clearly has skin in the game. But the message is on key — everyone should have the freedom to enjoy summer (and fall, winter and spring) without feeling judged or censored for how their body looks or how they choose to present it.