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Sabina's bra insert teaches wearers what cancerous lumps feel like

Two weeks ago, we featured a line of breast cancer screening bras by Love & Nudes. The Canadian brand's educational Stage Zero Collection consists of bra cups that mimic signs and symptoms of breast cancer in people with dark skin. Turns out an underwear maker on the other side of the globe was on a similar innovation track.

Innovation Update

Sabina, a Thai lingerie brand, worked with creative agency VMLY&R to design and manufacture the Breast Cancer Simulator Pad. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality among women in Thailand, and self-examination is the most accessible early detection method. Still, many women are unaware of exactly what a cancerous lump feels like, leading to low detection rates — a problem Sabina's new product hopes to help solve.

Users place a foam simulation pad inside a regular bra and press their fingers around the padded breast to feel for lumps. The insert features small protrusions that simulate cancerous growths, providing a tactile, touch-and-learn lesson. The wearer can then remove the bra and repeat their self-examination with a better sense of what to feel for.

The Breast Cancer Simulator Pad is free with any purchase over THB 1,500 through 31 October 2023, online and at Sabina's 83 stores and 497 retail partners across Thailand. The insert was developed with the Thanyarak Breast Center at Bangkok's Siriraj Hospital, using medical data to emulate potentially malignant growths.

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