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Danish design brand d line takes in old doorknobs to 'Re-handle' them for decades more use

In a move towards more sustainable production, Danish design company d line is launching a circular system named Re-handle. As of 15 May 2023, customers can return original d line products — including door handles, bathroom fixtures and other architectural hardware — for refurbishment.

The products are repaired and refinished to function as good as new, with each Re-handle potentially saving up to 90% in CO2 emissions. Every time a product is refurbished, d line renews its warranty by 20 years, encouraging repeated use and reducing waste. The Re-handle service is currently offered for 250 items; customers pay 60% of what a new item would cost.

In addition to its new refurbishment service, d line is committed to making its impact measurable and transparent: over 40% of its products are now fully declared for their complete Global Warming Potential, an internationally recognized standard for measuring a product's environmental impact over its entire lifecycle.

Trend Bite

Initiatives like d line's Re-handle are popping up across the design industry as brands make circular practices an integral part of their manufacturing processes. By extending warranties and pricing refurbished items at 60% of new items, d line is also making it financially attractive for clients to hang onto the products they already own. Looking to lead in the circular economy? Build products that last, offer low-friction repair services and rethink your warranty policies accordingly.

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