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Doja Cat partners with Girls Who Code for world’s first codable music video

Aiming to address gender disparity in STEM fields and get more girls and women interested in programming, Girls Who Code worked with Doja Cat to create a codable video. At four points in the DojaCode version of Woman, viewers are invited to edit snippets of code, resulting in real-time changes to the video. From picking a nail color for Doja Cat to matching the on-screen sky to their local time zone, users are playfully introduced to CSS, JavaScript and Python. After the video ends, they can share the scenes they’ve recoded.

Trend Bite

While the coding involved is pretty basic, DojaCode can draw in music fans who might otherwise never consider programming as an option, allowing them to dip in and experience the creative side of JS and Python. As Tarika Barrett, CEO of Girls Who Code, states, too few girls and young women “know that they can have a career in computer science, and that it can open up an entire future of possibility to nurture their passions.”

If your brand is looking to tap into new audiences or introduce complex products, how can you lower imagined barriers to entry? Get interactive, and make it fun!