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Dove tackles seaside limitations with larger beach chairs for bigger bodies

Dove has installed itself on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Its goal? To make summer fun accessible to all. A survey conducted by the brand found that 50% of people with disabilities and 42% of fat people had stopped going to the beach due to a lack of amenities that allow them to be comfortable while enjoying a day by the ocean. Of higher-weight people, 20% pointed out the issue of not fitting in beach chairs. 

So Dove worked with creative agency Soko to redesign the standard folding beach chair into one that's larger, sturdier and safer for people with bigger bodies. Those chairs are now available to borrow free of charge on beaches along Rio de Janeiro's coast. One location also offers amphibious chairs for people with disabilities. Additionally, Dove is hosting events related to 'beauty without standards' at its pavilion on Leme Beach.

Trend Bite

Dove's beach campaign ties in with its longstanding push towards making people feel comfortable in their own skin; the brand wants more bodies to be able to enjoy the beach and 'find their place in the sun.'

Besides practical issues like unsuitable chairs, the beach is often associated with an idealized body image. And that can be intimidating or downright inaccessible for people who don't conform to those norms. Since many brands contributed to creating exclusionary notions of who belongs on a beach, they now have a chance to make good. Whether that's working with local governments to make favorite hangouts accessible to all, organizing sports events with adaptive equipment or training staff on inclusivity.

Dove wants to create 'um verão democrático de verdade' — a truly democratic summer. Opportunities galore for extending that into an egalitarian autumn, unbiased winter and equitable spring ;)

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Spotted by: Bruna Boucinha