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DPD's app now lets customers ask for more time to get to the door

A new initiative by delivery service DPD UK allows package recipients to indicate if they need more time to respond to the doorbell's chime. The company's app, which it claims is used by over 10 million households in the UK, now includes a 'More Time Needed' option.

If selected by the recipient, their DPD driver will receive an instruction to take more time and wait for them to come to the door, overriding standard procedures. No word yet on how DPD will compensate drivers — who are paid per stop — for the extra time required.

Trend Bite

Accessibility isn't just an opportunity, it's an imperative. Acknowledging that not everyone can get to the door quickly, DPD tweaked its processes to better serve people with mobility issues. In a similar move, last year DHL introduced social media chat features that allow customers to inform drivers about accessibility points, or ask them to wait a little longer. 

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Spotted by: Thomas Klaffke