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Targeting moderate drinkers, Amsterdam wine shop only sells half bottles

While half bottles of wine have been around for years, most supermarkets and specialist stores offer just a limited selection. Providing mindful drinkers with an easier way to shop, Half Full only stocks small bottles. 

The Amsterdam-based store opened in December 2021 to cater to consumers who choose not to abstain, but don't want to down a full bottle, either. It sells a variety of red, white and sparkling wines, mainly from smaller producers. All in bottles and pouches of 375 ml or less.

Trend Bite

As reported by The Drinks Business, 39% of regular wine drinkers in a global survey indicated they were moderating their consumption. And younger generations are leading the way when it comes to a more considered approach to imbibing.

While the trend is driving launches of no- and low-alcohol beverages, it also presents opportunities for retailers like Half Full, offering premium pours in smaller packages.