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Guests now offered free therapy when booking a room at Kimpton Hotels

Hotels have long offered gyms to help guests stay physically fit while traveling, but what about their mental health? Remedying that omission, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has partnered with Talkspace to provide free access to online therapy sessions.

When booking a stay at one of the boutique hotel chain's 60 participating properties, guests can claim a complimentary video therapy call with Talkspace. In addition to 1,000 free sessions, Kimpton will provide all guests with a USD 100 promo code to apply to a Talkspace plan through December of 2022.

Mental health support by Talkspace isn't just for those staying the night. Kimpton is offering all of its 4,000+ US employees a free, year-long Talkspace subscription. As CEO Mike DeFrino explains: "We know that travelers are facing more stress and anxiety than ever before, and employees in the hospitality industry have been pushed to the limit during the pandemic."

Trend Bite

According to a recent survey by the New York Times and Psychology Today, "Nine out of 10 therapists say the number of clients seeking care is on the rise, and most are experiencing a significant surge in calls for appointments, longer waiting lists and difficulty meeting patient demand."

So where does a hotel brand fit in? From perceived stigma to the hassle of getting an appointment, people still face barriers to accessing the help they need. By offering a convenient way to take the first step towards mental wellness, Kimpton is removing one of those hurdles and signaling that therapy can be part of everyday life, wherever a person may be.