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Frida Uncensored shoots explicitly instructional videos for new and expecting moms

Defying societal taboos around women's bodies, parenting care brand Frida has launched Frida Uncensored — an online video library providing detailed, unfiltered instructional content showing real people using the company's conception, pregnancy and postpartum products. The demonstrations, filmed on all-female sets, provide candid views of acts like at-home insemination and prenatal perineal massage.

The videos address a startling lack of comprehensive, accurate resources available to educate women on their own bodies and health needs during transformative life stages. Frida's initiative is a direct response to the censorship that's common on social media platforms — the company's founders grew frustrated with their content being rejected or obscured due to puritanical squeamishness around female anatomy. (Sexualizing those same bodies to sell products, on the other hand...)

By hosting the videos on its own age-gated website, Frida circumvents those barriers while tapping into growing consumer demand for relatable, no-holds-barred learning. More how-tos are in the works, and Frida is casting women who are TTC, pregnant, postpartum or breastfeeding and willing to share their experiences.

Trend Bite

Frida addresses a pressing need for illuminative instruction in a domain muddied by cultural taboos. Educational content may be massive on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, with users flocking to videos for advice and learning, but restrictive social media policies leave some questions unanswered.

With its unfiltered and candid guidance, Frida Uncensored provides valuable support while normalizing women's health. How can your brand offer empowerment through education? Could you deliver practical, skill-building content that isn't available elsewhere?

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