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Kids hack devices to remind their parents to ditch single-use plastics

Third party trackers — aka cookies — are on their way out. Before they disappear, soap brand Gelo decided to put them to good use with its Parent Track. 

By going to this page on a parent's laptop or phone, kids cause a cookie to be saved by the browser. This ensures that their adult is bombarded with ads wherever they go, admonishing them to ditch single-use plastics, and pointing out that their kids are in on the act.

Gelo sells soap refill pods that customers drop in a reusable bottle filled with water. By its own account, refills have prevented millions of plastic soap bottles from entering waste streams. (Aptly, the campaign was developed by Mischief.)

Trend Bite

Earlier this week, we featured Ocean Bottle's econfessions, encouraging people to fess up to their not-so-green, guilty habits. While that was all about removing shame from the equation, Gelo's Parent Tracker is clearly all about making people feel more guilty. Using kids to do so is a smart move. After all, they'll inherit the giant mess made by previous generations. And for many grown-ups, the future of children and grandchildren might be the only motivation that actually makes change happen.

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