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Glassdoor's new filters help people discover companies that align with their values

According to a new survey by The Harris Poll for Glassdoor, nearly one in three US employees say their current employer does not match their values. To help them find a company they can feel more aligned with, Glassdoor just launched a new set of filters.

On the website's 'company explorer' tool, users can apply advanced filters to expand their search in two main areas. The first is workplace ratings for factors like work/life balance and diversity and inclusion, and the second is by employee demographic ratings, which include race/ethnicity, gender, people with disabilities, sexual orientation and veterans. When using the latter to filter by β€” for example β€” LGBTQ+ employee ratings, results will display companies highly rated by the LGBTQ+ people that work there. 

Workplace factor ratings are available across all of Glassdoor's global websites, but the ratings by demographic groups are only available in the US.

Trend Bite

Encouraged by a strong job market, employees and job seekers are increasingly seeking employers that share the values they hold dear and respect their lived experience. In a June 2022 survey by Qualtrics, more than half of the US employees polled (54%) said they'd be willing to take a pay cut to work at a company with better values and 56% wouldn't even consider taking a job with an employer that has values they disagree with. 

Of course, that doesn't mean everyone needs to agree on everything all the time. As Qualtrics Chief People Officer Julia Anas points out: "Every leader, employee and workplace is different, but if we can all rally around the basics β€” integrity, respect, safety and wellness β€” it's going to enhance the employee experience and strengthen the organizational culture, even when we don’t agree about every issue."

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