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Soft drink brand Guaraná invites female gamers to design better skins for characters

Even while slaying in epic battles, female characters in video games are (still) frequently hypersexualized. Which isn't surprising since they were initially designed for and by the male gaze. But nearly one out of two gamers is now a girl or woman, and they need more inclusive options.

To make female gamers feel more represented, Guaraná launched En mi Skin. The soft drink brand invited three young women from Peru to help design new skins. Working with 3D designers, gamers Diana Pomar, Mariana Fulle and Julisa Li shared how they wanted to see themselves in a gaming environment, and constructed avatars they can truly identify with.

The resulting skins are free to download and can be used on Core, a platform with thousands of free games. En mi Skin was developed with Ogilvy Perú.

Three skins designed by young female gamers for Guaraná

Trend Bite

Gaming is the fastest-growing and largest category in entertainment, surpassing movies and music. And while game developers have started adding female protagonists that are more realistic and multi-dimensional, the problem of stereotyped and hypersexualized imagery persists.

With En mi Skin, Guaraná contributes to the conversation about making the industry more inclusive. And by directly involving three young women, it's demonstrating the need to give young gamers a voice. Given gaming's massive reach and influence, brands have plenty of opportunities to pitch in and build a welcoming space for all players. For more on how to master storytelling in the metaverse, check out our free BEYOND WORDS trend briefing!

Spotted by: Laura Londoño