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In city's mobility app, Shanghai citizens get green points for taking bus or train

Shanghai's mobility as a service platform, Suishenxing, enables users to manage all aspects of daily transportation within the city, from taking the metro to hailing a taxi or paying for parking. Promoting low-carbon choices within that mix, the city's residents now receive green credits every time they select a more sustainable mode of transport.

As reported by Shine, the app equates 10 km by bus or metro to 1 kg of reduced CO2 emissions. After each ride, users can see how many credits they've accumulated. Soon, they'll be able to redeem them for gifts in Suishenxing's online shop.

Trend Bite

While Shanghai's public transport system is extensive, well-developed and used by millions of people every day, around a quarter of journeys are still made by car. In the sprawling megacity, that leads to severe traffic congestion and massive emission of pollutants.

Suishenxing's green credits initiative offers a recurring reminder of the CO2 emissions residents can save by choosing public transport over cars, providing a positive reinforcement to do the right thing. In a city of nearly 25 million people, those tiny nudges and individual decisions add up. Which tools could your organization offer consumers to help them track and manage their eco-impact?

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