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Johnson's serves Brazil's parents with a beachside diaper-changing van

As Brazilian families flock to beaches for summertime fun, personal care brand Johnson's is tagging along in a sky-blue van that brings a little extra comfort and convenience to parents of babies and toddlers.

The van, which parks near popular beaches, features a comfortable changing area, as well as showers, hand-washing stations, and chairs under a beach umbrella — all designed to make a day out with the kids a bit easier. Starting off in Bertioga in December, the van traveled up the coast to Fortaleza and is set to make its final stop by the Bahian beaches of Salvador later this week.

Trend Bite

Johnson's summer campaign turns marketing into a service, a branding trend that's been around for decades but continues to offer opportunities to support existing customers and connect with new ones. In addition to providing a valuable service to caregivers, Johnson's van helps keep diapers and baby wipes off beaches.

How could you get practical next season, solving problems for (potential) customers while showcasing your brand's essence? Preferably while benefiting all. Take Johnson's — next year, it might consider partnering with a beach clean-up organization to entice the public to keep waste off beaches, demonstrating the brand's commitment to the broader community.