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Just ask for Henry — Heinz and Morrisons partner to give away 160,000 hot meals

As the cost of living crisis continues to rise, ever more people are feeling the squeeze. To help those in need of a hot meal, Heinz has partnered with British supermarket Morrisons.

At the supermarket's cafes, anyone can drop in for a simple yet nutritious meal of a baked potato filled with Heinz beans in tomato sauce. To avoid the stigma of asking for a free meal, the brands came up with a code phrase inspired by Henry J. Heinz, who founded the company in 1869. All people need to do is ask for Henry at a cafe counter.

Heinz has pledged more than 160,000 free meals at Morrisons' supermarket cafes nationwide. The offer is valid from 26 October through 6 November 2022, coinciding with school fall break in the UK.

Trend Bite

UK-based dictionary Collins just announced its 2022 word of the year: permacrisis. The term describes "an extended period of instability and insecurity." Another one of the dictionary's words of the year is 'warm bank,' defined as "a heated building where people who cannot afford to heat their own homes may go."

Given the pressures consumers are facing, any brand with deepish pockets should be helping out in meaningful ways, especially since many corporations are still generating high profits. Like Heinz and Morrisons did with their code phrase, be sure to acknowledge and alleviate the discomfort many people might feel when asking for a handout.