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Kotex sets the mood for Valentine's Day with Let's Have Period Sex chocolates

Age-old taboos surrounding menstruation are slowly receding as brands, influencers and regular people become more comfortable discussing an entirely normal process. But period sex? Still a subject many avoid. A recent survey commissioned by Kotex found that just 50% of women feel comfortable discussing period sex.

Helping menstruators (and their lovers) broach the topic, U by Kotex has unveiled a special treat for Valentine's Day: Let's Have Period Sex chocolates. Packaged in a classic heart-shaped box are five vegan, dark chocolate truffles containing shatavari, an Ayurvedic herb described as having libido-boosting properties. The box also includes four U by Kotex pads.

The chocolates were created for Kotex by Phasey, which makes 'functional foods for better periods.' Let's Have Period Sex chocolates are priced at USD 35 and can be ordered online.

Trend Bite

The evolving language around tampons and pads reflects a broader shift. Terms like 'feminine hygiene' or 'sanitary towels,' which reinforced the notion of menstruation as unclean, are being replaced by more accurate, plainspoken descriptors like period products. Similarly, brands are abandoning artificial blue fluid for realistic representations of blood and focusing on educating menstruators instead of perpetuating shame and stigma.

Moving beyond periods to actively promoting period sex might be a bold move by Kotex, but it's also in line with a pop culture moment. Recent movies Saltburn and Fair Play both featured graphic scenes of menstrual sex, shocking some viewers ("Gross!") and delighting others ("Hot!") but sparking conversations either way. Kotex recognizes that taboos around menstruation are social constructs that can be deconstructed, too. All it takes is conviction and lots of open discourse. One for your brand to be inspired by?