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Chilean city installs cabins in park as offices for small businesses

With coffeehouses and coworking offices closed, entrepreneurs who'd normally use third spaces for work and meetings are out of luck. To help them out, last week the municipal government of Las Condes installed 20 cabins as safe working spaces for small businesses. Each cabin features air conditioning, wifi, UVC sanitizer lights and ergonomic desks and chairs.

The spaces, which are located in the Parque Araucano and along the Avenida Apoquindo, can be booked online and used Monday through Friday from 9 am to 8 pm. Residents of Las Condes can use the cabins free of charge for 40 hours a month, and can buy extra time by donating services to the city's 'Banco del Tiempo', a social bartering system that runs on hours instead of dollars.

Small businesses have been struggling, and providing pandemic-proof office and meeting spaces is a practical and hands-on way to help keep them up and running. Besides local governments stepping in, how about brands creating pop-up offices to show SMBs some love?

Spotted by Rafael Baquedano via Carmen Gerea, a member of our tw:in network / Related: Rent a tiny office in a neighbor's backyard