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Making team sports accessible to all kids, DRIP collects and redistributes sportswear

Playing team sports allows kids to exercise, practice social skills, make friends and have fun. But the costs of good quality sportswear and equipment means not all can join in. DRIP Foundation, unveiled last week at Dutch Design Week 2023, aims to level the playing field in youth sports. 

Rooted in circular economy principles, DRIP collects and sanitizes used sportswear. It assembles sets of clothing and redistributes them to children who need gear to get on the field. Additionally, the non-profit aims to ignite a passion for sports by enabling young athletes to attend pro games and watch their heroes in action.

Trend Bite

Plenty of organizations allow consumers to donate clothing, but there's value in specialization. Not just for the practical process of collecting a category of items and finding their next users, but also for creating awareness about specific effects of income inequality — in this case, kids having less access to sports.

By combining sustainability and social responsibility, DRIP is tapping into two themes that resonate with consumers and were common threads throughout this year's Dutch Design Week. Which specific, underserved societal need could your organization target while promoting reuse?

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