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Colombian movie stars a language that's been extinct for centuries

Moviegoers are accustomed to subtitles for films in foreign languages. What's not quite as common, is needing subtitles because the spoken language has been extinct since the 18th century. 

An animated action film that opened in Colombian theaters last month tells the tale of Tundama, the 16th century ruler of an indigenous Andean group who fought hard to resist Spanish invaders. Tundama would have spoken Muisca, which was once a common language in Colombia's central highlands, but disappeared around 1770.

The film's producers and directors worked with linguists and anthropologists to translate their script to Muisca, and to train actors to speak it.

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While globalization has lead to a pervasive sameness in many aspects of life around the world, people still long for what's local. Brands can forge deep connections with consumers by embracing that sense of place. You don't need to go to the lengths of bringing back a language like Tundama's creators did, but celebrate what's unique about a specific place, and nurture elements of culture at danger of disappearing.

Spotted by: Pablo Riquelme