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New bike helmet keeps Sikh kids safe without sacrificing religious custom

A few years ago, motorcycle dealer Pfaff Harley-Davidson teamed up with creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo to create Tough Turban, which launched in 2021. Designed for Sikh motorcyclists to wear instead of a helmet, Tough Turban can be tied like a traditional turban but protects from head injuries. Now, a similar product has been developed for kids.

Innovation Update

Tina Singh, a Sikh mom with sons who enjoy riding their bikes, kept running into the same problem: she couldn't find helmets that fit over their wrapped hair. Having worked as an occupational therapist with people with brain injuries, she knew the dangers of riding without a helmet.

Frustrated at not being able to find a safe option for her children, Singh created Bold Helmets. After two years of designing and testing, the startup is launching its first product: a helmet that kids aged five and up can wear when riding their bikes, skateboards, kick scooters or inline skating.

Alongside the usual hard shell, protective foam and straps, Bold Helmets feature a unique dome. That extra space on top allows the helmets to accommodate long hair tied up in a patka, which is the smaller version of a Sikh turban and is typically worn by boys and young men. Bold Helmets will be priced at CAD 69.99 and are available with a preorder discount through the end of February. Shipping to customers in Canada and the US is set to commence in March 2023.

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Spotted by: Joaquim Moody