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Serious Tissues for serious issues

Two weeks ago, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) partnered with multiple wellbeing apps to offer free access for all staff.NHS workers can use Headspace, Unmind, Sleepio, and Daylight for free until the end of the year. Through these apps, users can improve their wellbeing through meditation exercises, mindfulness guides, sleep aids, and nutrition programs. The partnership aims to support the mental wellness of healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Here’s how your brand can follow in their footsteps:

Fear and anxiety around COVID-19 can be overwhelming and stressful for many people, especially healthcare professionals. Before the pandemic, consumers were alreadypursuing mental wellbeing with DIY solutions, like wearable devices and tracking apps. At the same time, 76% of workers believe that employers are responsible for employees’ wellbeing and health – up from 68% in 2015. How can your brand support the mental health of employees during this time, and even beyond? Think about platforms and services you can partner with. Beyond your employees, what can you do for the heroes on the frontlines? 

Consumers yearn for HUMAN BRANDS that care about their unique needs and values. During the COVID pandemic, they will embrace the brands that – instead of making empty claims – are discounting or giving away services to show they care. In the face of the impending recession, brands can focus on a visible, straightforward, and truly meaningful target: pricing. It can be as simple as making your offering free or available at a reduced cost for specific groups (think: essential workers, working parents, educators, or those recently laid off). In response to the crisis, the florist BOLT Amsterdam began letting customers choose what they pay for tulips. What can you do to give consumers a financial break?  


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