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Vegan fish and chip shop opens in Brighton, with plans to take on the industry

From fishing nets comprising 46% of the Pacific Garbage Patch, to the 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises killed as bycatch every year, the world's love of seafood has a devastating impact on marine life. And on the climate — a March 2021 study found that bottom trawling releases as much carbon as the entire aviation industry.

Which is why a new fish and chip shop in Brighton doesn't serve actual fish. The No Catch Co., which opened this weekend, uses a high protein, non-GMO soy substitute for traditional battered fish. Founded by Ed Winter, who previously launched London's Unity Diner, the shop aims to lure customers with the pleasures of a British classic, but without its harmful side effects. 

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What we eat is one of the most immediate ways we can lighten our burden on the planet. Those daily decisions in grocery stores and restaurants have a massive impact. As consumers become more aware of that power, newcomers like No Catch are positioned to soar.