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No more searching for a charger: UZE's cargo bikes bring power to wherever an EV is parked

Belgian startup UZE has developed a novel solution to the EV driver's pain point of finding a spot to juice up their vehicle. Instead of requiring drivers to locate an available charging station, UZE brings the power straight to wherever they're parked. As simple as ordering a pizza, customers just request a charge via the company's app. A UZE operator then pulls up on an electric cargo bike fitted with large battery packs and a rapid charger. Within 40 minutes, an EV can be charged.

Following a pilot phase, UZE is now partnering with GreenMobility to provide mobile fast charging to the Danish car-sharing company's fleet of electric vehicles. As EVs gain traction, the demand for charging points is rising. GreenMobility, which has supplied Antwerp with 100% electric shared cars since 2020, witnessed that surge first-hand. By partnering with UZE, it hopes to alleviate pressure on public charging points while ensuring its fleet is always optimally charged.

UZE is launching in Antwerp, with Brussels and Copenhagen to follow. Currently focused on supporting GreenMobility, UZE plans to extend its service to individual EV owners by year-end.

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With the world on a fast track toward electrification, establishing a comprehensive and efficient ecosystem of charging options is more urgent than ever. Which creates an abundance of opportunities for innovators like UZE and its ability to transform any ordinary parking spot into a functional EV charging station.

What sets UZE apart is its ability to quickly roll out without requiring additional physical infrastructure on city streets where space is at a premium and where the demand for EV charging points often outstrips the ability to build conventional charging units. All while providing a flexible and seamless solution for electric vehicle users and fleet operators.

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Spotted by: Veerle Deunynck